2nd Dutch war
Note by A Milnes to As A Playwright a chapter of The Life Of Dryden

This was a war declared by England against Holland in March 1672, in accordance with a secret treaty between Charles II and Louis XIV of France, by the advice of the famous ' Cabal' ministry, aided by the influence which Louise de Querouaille, afterwards Duchess of Portsmouth, had acquired over the king. France and England thus united for the conquest of Holland; but the efforts of the allies were brought to nought owing to the courage and conduct of William, Prince of Orange, at the head of the Dutch forces, and the opposition of the English House of Commons to a war they detested. Peace was concluded between England and Holland in February 1674. It was after this peace that Charles II took occasion to degrade England's foreign policy to the lowest depths to which it has ever fallen by accepting an annual pension from Louis on condition of not opposing him in his further prosecution of the war.

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