Pictures of Horrie The Wog-Dog
From Horrie The Wog-Dog by Ion Idriess

Viewing his cobbers from a Vichy French tank, Syria
Resting in a shady spot constructed for him on the beach at Gaza
At Australian soldiers' club, Tel-Aviv, with the rebels
At Gaza
Aboard H.M.S. Defender
The pup experiences his first bath
In his travelling pack
Bashing the spine in approved Aussie soldier style
In his travelling pack on the march to the embarkation point
Watching Aussie soldiers playing Two-Up
And self asleep during off-duty period in Crete
On self-appointed guard outside our tent, Deir Suneid
In uniform provided for him as protection against the cold in Syria
Shows the rebels he can sing
Shows interest in music
Supervises digging of a slit trench
with Ismi
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