From The ABC Of Plain Words by Sir Ernest Gowers

Basis, like nature and character and some other similar words, lures writers into roundabout ways. When you find you have written "on a . . . basis" always examine it critically before letting it stand.

Please state whether this is to be a permanent installation or on a temporary line basis. (Or a temporary line.)

If it is your intention to conduct the business arising from the use of these samples on the basis of manufacture for export. . . (If the business arising from your use of these samples will be manufacture for export. . . . )

The issue of import licences on 100 per cent re-export basis. (The issue of import licences for re-export only.)

These will however remain Government property, being issued on a loan basis only. (Being issued on loan only.)

It has been found necessary to supply some markets on a ration basis. (To ration the supply to some markets.)

A legitimate use of basis is:

The manufacturers are distributing their products as fairly as possible on the basis of past trading.

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