Examples Of The Use Of Abstract Words
From Style in Guide part of ABC of Plain Words by Sir E Gowers (1951)

Roundabout Phrases

Your entitlement to full benefit is apparent. (You are clearly entitled to full benefit.)
The cessation of the present restrictions cannot be made. (The present restrictions cannot be lifted.)
Early expectancy of a vacancy is given by the firm. (The firm expect to have a vacancy soon.)
Complete restoration of the surface results within a few weeks. (The surface is completely restored within a few weeks.)
A wide age differentiation is apparent among the entrants. (The entrants are of widely different ages.)
The extent of diversion of ships to other ports is not known. (It is not known how many ships have been diverted to other ports.)

Excessive Use Of Abstract Nouns

The desirability of attaining unanimity so far as the general construction of the body is concerned is of considerable importance from the production aspect.

The actualisation of the motivation of the forces must to a great extent be a matter of personal angularity.

— The meaning of these two can only be conjectured.

Sometimes abstract words are actually invented, so powerful is the lure of saying things this way.

The reckonability of former temporary service for higher leave entitlement.

See also POSITION. Position and situation are notable snares. Indeed all words ending in tion should be treated as suspects and passed only after being questioned.