Note 028
From Chapter 63 of the Decline & Fall

The princes of Servia (Ducange, Famil. Dalmaticae, etc., c. 2, 3, 4, 9) were styled Despots in Greek, and Cral in their native idiom (Ducange, Gloss. Graec. p. 751). That title, the equivalent of king, appears to be of Sclavonic origin, from whence it has been borrowed by the Hungarians, the modern Greeks, and even by the Turks, (Leunclavius, Pandect. Turc. p. 422), who reserve the name of Padishah for the emperor. To obtain the latter instead of the former is the ambition of the French at Constantinople (Aversissement a l'Histoire de Timur Bec, p. 39).

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