Note 019
From Chapter 58 of the Decline & Fall

Bongarsius, who has published the original writers of the crusades, adopts, with much complacency, the fanatic title of Guibertus, Gesta DEI per Francos; though some critics propose to read Gesta Diaboli per Francos (Hanoviae, 1611, two vols. in folio.). I shall briefly enumerate, as they stand in this collection, the authors whom I have used for the first crusade.
1. Gesta Francorum.
2. Robertus Monachus.
3. Baldricus.
4. Raimundus de Agiles.
5. Albertus Aquensis.
6. Fulcherius Carnotensis.
7. Guibertus.
8. Willielmus Tyriensis.
9. Muratori has given us, Radulphus Cadomensis de Gestis Tancredi (Script. Rer. Ital. tom. v. p. 285 - 333)
10. Bernardus Thesaurarius de Acquisitione Terrae Sanctae (tom. vii. p. 664 - 848).
The last of these was unknown to a late French historian, who has given a large and critical list of the writers of the crusades (Esprit des Croisades, tom. i. p. 13 - 141), and most of whose judgments my own experience will allow me to ratify. It was late before I could obtain a sight of the French historians collected by Duchesne.
1. Petri Tudebodi Sacerdotis Sivracensis Historia de Hierosolymitano Itinere (tom. iv. p. 773 - 815), has been transfused into the first anonymous writer of Bongarsius.
2. The Metrical History of the first Crusade, in 7 books (p. 890 - 912), is of small value or account.

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