Note 010
From Chapter 42 of the Decline & Fall

I have used, without undertaking to reconcile, the facts in Procopius, (Goth. l. ii. c. 14, l. iii. c. 33, 34, l. iv. c. 18, 25,) Paul Diaconus, (de Gestis Langobard, l. i. c. 1 - 23, in Muratori, Script. Rerum Italicarum, tom. i. p. 405 - 419,) and Jornandes, (de Success. Regnorum, p. 242.) The patient reader may draw some light from Mascou (Hist. of the Germans, and Annotat. xxiii.) and De Buat, (Hist. des Peuples, etc., tom. ix. x. xi.)

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