Scope Of Chapter 14 The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Troubles after the abdication of Diocletian — Death of Constantius — Elevation of Constantine and Maxentius — 6 emperors at the same time — Death of Maximian and Galerius — Victories of Constantine over Maxentius and Licinius — Re-union of the empire under the authority of Constantine


Period of Civil Wars and Confusion; Character and Situation of Constantius — Of Galerius; The two Caesars, Severus and Maximin; Ambition of Galerius disappointed by two Revolutions
274 Birth, Education, and Escape of Constantine
306Death of Constantius & Elevation of Constantine; He is acknowledged by Galerius, who gives him only the Title Caesar, and that of Augustus to Severus; Brothers & Sisters of Constantine; Discontent of the Romans at the Apprehension of Taxes; Maxentius declared Emperor at Rome —Maximian reassumes the Purple
307Defeat and Death of Severus; Maximian gives his Daughter Fausta, and the Title of Augustus, to Constantine; Galerius invades Italy — His Retreat; Elevation of Licinius to the Rank of Augustus — Elevation of Maximin
308 Six Emperors —Misfortunes of Maximian
310 His Death
311 Death of Galerius —His Dominion shared between Maximin and Licinius
306—12 Administration of Constantine and Maxentius; Tyranny of Maxentius in Italy and Africa
312Civil War between Constantine and Maxentius; PreparationsConstantine passes the Alps; Battle of Turin — Siege & Battle of Verona; Indolence & Fears of Maxentius; Victory of Constantine; His Reception & conduct at Rome
313 His Alliance with Licinius; War between Maximin and Licinius; Defeat & death of Maximin; Cruelty of Licinius; Fate of the Empress Valeria and her Mother
314 Quarrel between Constantine and Licinius ;1st Civil War between them; Battle of Cybalis; of MardiaTreaty of Peace
315—23General Peace and Laws of Constantine
322 The Gothic War
3232nd Civil War between Constantine & Licinius; Battle of Hadrianople; Siege of Byzantium, and Naval Victory of Crispus; Battle of Chrysopolis; Submission & Death of Licinius
324 Reunion of the Empire