Scope Of Chapter 10The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Emperors Decius, Gallus, Aemilianus,Valerian and Gallienus


The Nature of the Subject; The Emperor Philip
249 Services, Revolt, Victory, & Reign of the Emperor Decius
250He marches against the Goths; Origin of the Goths from Scandinavia; Religion of the Goths; Institutions & Death of Odin; Agreeable, but uncertain, Hypothesis concerning Odin; Emigration of Goths from Scandinavia into Prussia; From Prussia to Ukraine— Gothic Nation increases in its March; Distinction of Germans & Sarmatians; Description of Ukraine; Goths invade Roman Provinces; Various Events of Gothic War
251Decius revives Office of Censor in Person of Valerian; Design impracticable & without Effect; Defeat & Death of Decius & his Son; Election of Gallus
252Retreat of Goths; Gallus purchases Peace by Payment of an annual Tribute; Popular Discontent
253Victory & Revolt of Aemilianus; Gallus abandoned & slain; Valerian revenges Death of Gallus, acknowledged Emperor; Character of Valerian

Misfortunes of Reigns of Valerian & Gallienus; Inroads of Barbarians; Origin & Confederacy of Franks; — They invade Gaul, Ravage Spain, enter Africa; Origin & Renown of Suevi; A mixed Body of Suevi assume the Name of Alemanni; —Invade Gaul & Italy Are repulsed from Rome by the Senate & People; Senators excluded by Gallienus from Military Service; Gallienus contracts an Alliance with Alemanni; Inroads of Goths; Conquest of Bosphorus by Goths; Goths acquire a Naval Force; 1st Naval Expedition of Goths; Goths besiege & take Trebizond; 2nd Expedition of Goths; They plunder Cities of BithyniaRetreat of Goths; 3rd Naval Expedition of Goths; They pass Bosphorus & Hellespont; Ravage Greece & threaten Italy— Their Divisions & Retreat; Ruin of the Temple of Ephesus— Conduct of Goths at Athens Conquest of Armenia by the Persians; Valerian marches East
260Defeated, taken Prisoner by Sapor, King of Persia; Sapor overruns Syria, Cilicia, & Cappadocia; Boldness & Success of Odenathus against Sapor; Treatment of Valerian; Character & Administration of Gallienus; The 30 Tyrants; Their real Number not more than 19; Character & Merit of Tyrants; Their obscure Birth; Causes of their Rebellion; Their Violent Deaths; Fatal Consequences of these Usurpations — Disorders of Sicily; Tumults of Alexandria; Rebellion of Isaurians; Famine & Pestilence; Diminution of the Human Species