Note 036

36 Memorial oration of 15th October 1944, in Cracow Castle on the 100th anniversary of Nietzsche's birthday; published as part of a series by the Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften des Generalgouvernements. In the same speech Frank also asked whether 'Nietzsche's vision' had not been 'a presentiment of Adolf Hitler' and said finally: 'Today we can declare that the entire German nation has become in Nietzsche's sense the superman ! '

On the final phase of Frank's rule, see IMT, XXIX, 2233-PS; also IfZ, Munich, Fb50 (Frank's letter to Reich Minister Goebbels in his capacity as deputy for the total war effort), quoted by Broszat, Nationalsozialistische Polenpolitik.

From Chapter 17, Hans Frank , Part 3 of The Face Of The Third Reich by J.C. Fest
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