Note 017
by Joachim C. Fest

'They strut along in top hats and frock coats,' wrote Goebbels in September 1932 in an article entitled Politische Erbschleicherei, 'but in reality they are people hungry for power and looking for prey, and since they are too weak and too cowardly to get it from their own field, they stay behind the fighting front to be able, when the real political army marches forward again, to practise behind the lines the worthy craft of the jackal . .. That is the most naked, vulgar and indecent political selfishness that has ever existed in Germany' (Goebbels,Wetterleuchten).

Engrossed in his illusions of leadership, Papen also welcomed in a speech of 24th February 1933,

'the decisive fact that German youth, in this, is in our [!] camp'; see Papen, 'Appell'.
From Chapter 12, Franz von Papen , Part 3 of The Face Of The Third Reich by J.C. Fest -- See further Notes

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