Note 003
by Joachim C. Fest

3 Speer's judgement is reported by Alexander Dallin, German Rule in Russia 1941-1945. Walter Schellenberg notes in Labyrinth that Himmler in fact used to give marks. Friedrich Hossbach, Zwischen Wehrmacht und Hitler, and Graf Folke Bernadotte, The Curtain Falls (British title: The Fall of the Curtain; New York and London, 1945), make similar remarks. See also the various assessments collected by Gerald Reitlinger in his book The SS, Alibi of a Nation. Actually, one would suspect that a person of stronger susceptibility than Himmler would probably have been incapable of perfecting this type of extermination system. See Conrad-Martius, Utopien der Menschenzüchtung.

From Chapter 9, Heinrich Himmler , Part 2 of The Face Of The Third Reich by J.C. Fest -- See further Notes

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