Note 002
by Joachim C. Fest

2 Joseph Goebbels, 'Wenn Hitler spricht', in Der Angriff. The following remarks are characteristic of the pseudo-religious character of the veneration of the Fuhrer by Goebbels:

'What you said there [he is talking to Hitler] is the catechism of a new political belief in the midst of the despair of a collapsing world without gods' (Joseph Goebbels, Die Zweite Revolution. Briefe an Zeitgenossen).

In his revolutionary diary, My Part in Germany's Fight, he wrote of Hitler:

'He alone has never deceived himself. He has always been right. He has never allowed himself to be blinded or tempted by the propitiousness or otherwise of the moment. Like a servant of God he fulfils the task which was given to him and he does justice in its highest and best sense to his historical mission.'

The birthday addresses are especially renowned for their uninhibited idolatry; several are to be found in the collection of miscellaneous essays, Die Zeit ohne Beispiel, Reden und Aufsätze aus den Jahren 1939/40/41 (Munich, 1941), and in Das eherne Herz. Goebbels also published in Der Angriff in 1932 a whole series of panegyric articles, which were primarily intended to make Hitler the popular election candidate. One of these articles, which appeared on 5th March 1932, under the title 'Wir wählen Adolf Hitler', had the following five descriptive headings: 'Hitler, der Grossdeutsche', 'Hitler, der Führer', 'Hitler, der Prophet', 'Hitler, Kämpfer', 'Hitler, der Reichspräsident'; see Joseph Goebbels, Wetterleuchten. Aufsätze aus der Kampfzeit (Vol. II of Der Angriff). This also contains the birthday speech of 20th April 1937, parts of which are reminiscent of the dreary practice of glorification in the Stalinist era. A typical example:

May the Fuhrer remain with us for many years yet, in power, health and strength as the standard-bearer of the people, as the first among many millions of workers, soldiers, peasants and townspeople, as the friend and protector of the young, the defender of the arts, the sponsor of culture and science, the architect of the new united nation.
From Chapter 7, Joseph Goebbels , Part 2 of The Face Of The Third Reich by J.C. Fest -- See further Notes

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