The Mall; in front of Mrs Loveit's
Act 4 — Scene 3 of The Man Of Mode by George Etherege

Enter the chair with Belinda; the men set it down and open it. Bellinda starting.

Bellinda. [surprised]. Lord! where am I? in the Mall? Whither have you brought me?

1st Chairman. You gave us no directions, madam.

Bellinda. [aside] The fright I was in made me forget it.

1st Chairman. We use to carry a lady from the squire's hither.

Bellinda. [aside] This is Loveit! I am undone if she sees me. Quickly carry me away.

1st Chairman. Whither, an't like your honour?

Bellinda. Ask no questions.

Enter Loveit's Footman.

Footman. Have you seen my lady, madam?

Bellinda. I am just come to wait upon her.

Footman. She will be glad to see you, madam. She sent me to you this morning to desire your company, and I was told you went out by five o'clock.

Bellinda. [aside] More and more unlucky!

Footman. Will you walk in, madam?

Bellinda. I'll discharge my chair and follow. Tell your mistress I am here.

Exit Footman.
Gives the Chairmen money.

Take this, and if ever you should be examined, be sure you say you took me up in the Strand, over against the Exchange, as you will answer it to Mr. Dorimant.

Chairmen. We will, an't like your honour.

Exeunt Chairmen.

Bellinda. Now to come off, I must on:

"In confidence and lies some hope is left;
'Twere hard to be found out in the first theft."