by Erasmus

Folly's description of schoolmasters owes something to Juvenal's seventh satire and takes up a traditional butt of satirical attack. The grammarians, or schoolmasters, whom Folly treats so harshly were also elsewhere attacked by Erasmus, who believed in an educational system that was humane as well as humanist. He abhorred the harsh discipline and physical discomfort of the Parisian colleges, and especially the College de Montaigu under the reforming Standonck, which he had attended in 1495-6. He was later to lampoon Montaigu in the colloquy 0n the Eating of Fish in 1526, by which time it had become the focal point of the scholastic opposition to evangelical humanism.

Note to My Followers which is Part 3 of Folly Speaks from "The Praise Of Folly"

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