'decrepit old men'
by Erasmus

Alludes clearly to Julius II who was over 60 when he acceded to the papacy. For the next ten years he made war, even allying himself with the Turks, and revalued the depreciated silver coinage of the papacy, thereby considerably improving the papal income. Erasmus, who had had to get out of the way of the papal army, was witheringly contemptuous, as Folly's satirical portrait makes clear.

The attribution to Erasmus of the Lucianic dialogue about Julius's attempt to enter heaven, the Julius exclusus, written in 1513, is no longer disputed.

Lijster, who is perpetually apologizing for Erasmus's audacities, thinks him restrained on the subject of Julius II.

Note to My Followers which is Part 3 of Folly Speaks from "The Praise Of Folly"

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