Unaccustomed garb
by Erasmus

Erasmus, having noted at the beginning that Folly herself is speaking and having drawn attention in the preceding section to the instantaneous effect of her appearance, now emphasizes once again that the declamation is put into the mouth of Folly by drawing attention to the dress in which she appears. Holbein portrayed her in the margins of one copy in a cap and bells, but in a pulpit. Folly later says she is not in theologian's garb, but she forgets from time to time who she is, and may well be made by her puppeteer to forget where she is, or what she is wearing. Since it is Folly who is praising herself, and since therefore she might be taken to be blinded by self-love, Erasmus can pretend, as he did in the letter-preface, that he does not intend anything she says to be taken seriously.

Note to My Birth And Education which is Part 1 of Folly Speaks from "The Praise Of Folly"

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