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Science Wish List by Rodney Bartlett
Fountain Of Youth
(contribution # 7 - written April 24, 1994)
          Perhaps one of  the most beneficial discoveries civilisation
          could make is  how  to live forever (with a body that enjoys
          healthy youthfulness, and  a  mind  that  enjoys open-minded
          matureness). Making such  a  discovery even sweeter would be
          1)  not  having  to  worry  about  money  to  pay  for  your
          immortality, and 2)  not  having to worry about dying before
          immortality's secrets are unveiled.

          For us poor  mortals  (in many cases, deceased mortals), the
          following method might come to the rescue -

          Human cloning could  be  the  second  step  in a three stage
          process  that  would   ultimately  give  every  human  being
          physical  immortality.  The  first  step  would  be  genetic
          engineering.  Today this  is  advancing  through  the  Human
          Genome Project and  early work in treating disease with gene
          therapy. It could one day be used on cell samples to correct
          abnormalities and prevent all disease. The second step would
          be cloning. This could be used to grow a genetically treated
          cell from a sample into a complete body and brain. The third
          step would be  downloading. The cloned brain would naturally
          produce brain waves.  The  cells  producing waves associated
          with personality, thought,  memory  and behaviour would need
          to be trained  to  reproduce  the activities of the uncloned
          brain's cells when those cells were younger and healthier.

          One way of  training  the  cloned  brain  might  be  to send
          signals picked up  by microelectrodes inserted in individual
          nerve cells of the uncloned brain and previously recorded by
          a superadvanced 21st  century  electroencephalograph  (EEG).
          One theory of  ageing  suggests  the  process is genetically
          determined. If that  is  correct,  the  above procedure need
          only  be  performed   once   (normally).   And   if  genetic
          abnormalities produce neurological  defects  and/or chemical
          imbalances in the brain which adversely influence behaviour,
          aggressiveness, mental health,  etc;  perhaps  the most evil
          and  cruel  violence  could  be  controlled  by  growing  'a
          genetically treated cell  into  a  complete  (new)  body and

          It may be  that  implantation  of  microelectrodes  for long
          lengths  of time  does  not  enable  enough  signals  to  be
          recorded  to produce  perfect  reconstructions,  so  another
          method of downloading  must be used. This is outlined below,
          involves 'electrophotic' brains being absorbed into physical
          brains and does  not  require  any  change  to  the person's
          natural state (the  outline  below suggests that 'life as we
          know it is union of the physical and electrophotic').

          In constructing the  After-death  self  *  (what  I term the
          'electrophotic'  self, from  reversal  of  'photoelectric'),
          future  medical  and   scientific  technology  would  use  a
          person's biopsied cells  only  as  a  blueprint  or detailed
          plan.  The  electrophotic  self  is  not  made  of  fermions
          (particles of matter  like  electrons, protons and neutrons)
          but from bosons  (force  carrying  particles such as photons
          and gravitons that  respectively carry electromagnetic force
          and the force  of gravity). But bosons do not obey the Pauli
          exclusion  principle  (which   was  discovered  in  1925  by
          Austrian  physicist Wolfgang  Pauli  and  says  two  similar
          particles cannot exist  in the same state Me they can't have
          both the same  position  and  the same velocity: without the
          exclusion principle, there  would  be  no  separate and well
          defined protons, neutrons  or  atoms  since everything would
          collapse to form a roughly uniform, dense 'soup'). so how do
          we  control  force   carrying   particles   and  produce  an
          independent structure like  an electrophotic body? Possibly,
          building it from  both  photons  and  gravitons  is the key.
          According to Einstein's  General  Relativity,  gravitational
          fields  bend  beams   of   light,   so   photons  of  an  EP
          (electrophotic) body can be positioned where we want through
          the use of  gravitons.  The gravitons would be held in place
          because Special Relativity concludes energy is equivalent to
          mass and the  photons  of  our energetic EP bodies therefore
          exert gravitational influence  on  gravitons.  Does the mass
          equivalence / gravitational influence of photons add another
          dimension   to   Einstein's    1905   explanation   of   the
          photoelectric  effect (the  emission  of  electrons  from  a
          metallic surface when  it  is  struck  by  photons  -  these
          electrons can form an electric current)?

          * The electrophotic self is commonly termed the soul -though
          I think a  soul  (whether  human  or  animal)  is a union of
          physical and electrophotic  selves.  At  death  the physical
          brain perishes and,  as  the Bible Says at Ecclesiastes 9:5,
          '... the dead  know  not  any  thing ...' (the electrophotic
          brain is not  dead  but the soul, We the complete self which
          is the union of physical and electrophotic, is). Speaking of
          the complete self, here's another letter to TIME magazine in
          response to their  article  on  the  brain  and  mind called
          'Glimpses of the  Mind'  (the  letter  was  published in the
          issue dated Aug. 21st, '95):

          'So  science  says,   Despite  our  every  instinct  to  the
          contrary, there is  no  self  located in the physical brain.
          If we accept  this,  we  might conclude that self is located
          outside the brain.  Since  the  producer  of a sense of self
          could only, it  seems,  be  a  brain,  we would then have to
          believe that each  person  has  a  nonphysical duplicates of
          their physical brain  and  that  the  two  are  in  intimate
          contact. To give  our  physical  being  a sense of self, the
          nonphysical brain must  be  housed within the physical brain
          between birth and  death.  Thus  we could say self is indeed
          located in the  physical  brain. Or we could say self is the
          combination of the  physical  and nonphysical brains. Though
          the  nonphysical  brain  would  live  on  after  death,  the
          complete self would  no  longer  exist.  Is this just crazy,
          way-out reasoning? "Glimpses  of  the  Mind" suggests it may
          not be, since  the  nonphysical  brain  (and  body) might be
          described as the soul, which the article says scientists may
          eventually have to acknowledge.'

          If gravity is  the Einsteinian curvature of space-time, then
          gravitons may be  considered  to be 'bits of curvature'. And
          if space-time, gravitons  and  photons  are  all composed of
          quantum waves; then  it is possible to also think of photons
          as 'bits of  curvature'  (and  as  possessing  gravitational
          influence).  If  photons   are   gravitational,   why  would
          gravitons exist (these  carriers  of the gravitational force
          have not yet  been  detected,  but they are predicted by the
          quantum theory of  gravity.  Quantum  gravity seeks to unite
          the general theory  of relativity [which describes the force
          of  gravity]  with   quantum   mechanics   [which  describes
          subatomic phenomena], thus forming a complete unified theory
          that will describe everything in the universe)?

          Maybe photons and  gravitons (along with all other particles
          -  bosons  and   fermions)   are   different  aspects  of  a
          'superparticle' that arose  from  the  primordial mini black

          The temperature of  the universe was originally more than 10
          exponent 32 (over  100  million  trillion  trillion) degrees
          Kelvin.  As  it   expanded   and   cooled,  it  underwent  a
          transformation known as  a phase transition (in which energy
          is released) similar  to the one water vapour undergoes when
          it cools and  condenses  into  liquid  water,  then  ice. As
          cosmic temperatures fell  past  key  values  -  analogous to
          freezing  points  -conditions   snapped   swiftly  from  one
          physical  state  to   the   next  eg  gravitons  could  have
          'condensed' out of  the  'superparticle', leaving behind the
          boson   of  the   electronuclear   force   (in   which   the
          electromagnetic,  strong nuclear  and  weak  nuclear  forces
          remained  indistinguishable  or  unified).  As  temperatures
          continued to plummet,  more bosons condensed out, as did the
          fermions  eventually  this  condensation  produced  all  the
          matter and energy  in  the  universe.  Gravity would then be
          reconciled  with  quantum  mechanics  and  included  in  the
          theories physicists have devised to unite the four forces of
          the  universe  (gravity,  electromagnetism,  strong  nuclear
          force and weak nuclear force).

          ('Through  the  Looking   Glass'   by  George  Greenstein  -
          ASTRONOMY magazine, Oct.  '89: and 'The Infant Universe' - a
          chapter in 'The Cosmos' by Time-Life Books, 1990)

          When divorced from  its natural condition (ie when no longer
          united with the  physical  body)  as  a result of death, the
          electrophotic self may  be  what  is  called a ghost in some
          circles- and might  also  be  what  is  called  an  angel in
          different circumstances. When  separated  from  the physical
          during  life, EPs  might  account  for  OBEs  (out  of  body
          experiences)  and NDEs  (near  death  experiences).  (Flight
          might be explained  by  projecting  gravitons to a point and
          being attracted to  that  point, ghostly temperature changes
          might be explained by the absorption or emission of infrared
          photons, and luminous  appearances by controlling photons of
          visible light.)

          How might one's  electrophotic  body  become united with the
          physical body in  the  first  place?  First, it needs to use
          time travel to  journey  from the future where it comes into
          being. Second, this  electrophotic  self  needs to enter our
          individual bodies (energy often enters, or is absorbed into,
          particles of matter  -  likewise,  the  electrophotic  often
          enters,  or  is   absorbed   into,   the  physical).  If  an
          electrophotic self entered  a cloned body years or centuries
          after the death  of  that body's original counterpart, would
          the phenomenon be called Resurrection? (See the poem 'Little
          Grey Man' in  the  next  section,  'People  Factory',  which
          briefly mentions medical procedures citizens of thousands of
          years  ago  could  never  have  understood  and  thus  given
          informed consent to  nevertheless, Little Grey Men and Women
          surely have the  right  to  originate  the  human  race and,
          according to the ideas in Science Wish List, that would seem
          to make the procedures necessary.)

          To show how  the  discovery  of how to live forever could be
          applied in a 'money free' manner so the poor (eg Third World
          citizens and the  homeless)  could  take  advantage  of  the
          discovery,  the following  thoughts  are  included  in  this
          letter -

          Inflation may be  inevitable  in  modern  society.  This  is
          simply because the  value  of  anything  seems  to basically
          depend on 1) how much demand there is for that thing, and 2)
          how rare it  is.  As  prices  continually  rise and everyone
          earns more money  (these  two  things  represent  increasing
          demand), any nominated  amount of money (such as $5) becomes
          more common and  is  thus of less value (while $5 might have
          been necessary to  buy  a  certain  item  a  few  years ago,
          today's price might  be  $10  and it might cost $20 in a few
          more years).

          One way of  eliminating  inflation  would  be  to  eliminate
          demand for products  and  services by returning to the Stone
          Age and making those products/services unavailable. But most
          people want growth  and  productivity  to  keep increasing .
          Another way is  to  get  rid  of money - but any nation that
          ignored its trading  partners  and unilaterally adopted this
          course would merely  doom  its  own way of life. So the only
          practical way of  eliminating  inflation  seems to be to get
          rid of money  on  a worldwide scale (work out a nonfinancial
          system for the  global  village to operate under one benefit
          is to enable  the poor to live forever without being worried
          by the cost of the procedures for gaining immortality).

          Another  benefit  is:   compared   to   today's   world,   a
          nonfinancial world (which  would  have  given  away  all its
          money) would obviously  have  to be less concerned with what
          we receive from  others  and  more interested in what we can
          give. This new,  more  altruistic  order could see the whole
          world on the  road  to  becoming one large family that looks
          outward from itself  (thereby  taking  even more interest in
          matters such as  the  environment and space exploration than
          it does at present) and willingly shares information (giving
          even   more   importance    to    near-instant    planetwide
          communications and resulting  in  a new understanding of the
          universe and our place in it).