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Science Wish List by Rodney Bartlett
Cosmos Factory
(contribution # 4 - written April 10, 1994)
          Perhaps one of  the most beneficial discoveries civilisation
          could make is  that  real  time  travel  is  indeed possible
          despite objections such as the grandfather paradox (the idea
          that after you  are born and grow up, you go back in time to
          when your grandad  was  a  child  and kill him, ensuring you
          would never be  born;  but if you weren't born, you couldn't
          kill your grandfather, he'd grow up and you would be born).

          I  believe the  grandfather  paradox  can  be  solved  by  a
          principle of consistency.  The  possibilities of time travel
          are as varied  as  those  of the imagination and include new
          sites for disposal of radioactive waste better understanding
          of history and  prehistory,  and  finding  the  solutions to
          scientific  puzzles.  To  illustrate  the  possibilities  of
          consistency, please see  the  enclosed paragraphs which were
          typed after reading  a)  the book 'The Mind of God' by Prof.
          Paul Davies and  b)  'The  Ultimate  Vanishing'  (an article
          about black holes  and  Prof.  Stephen Hawking in 'Discover'
          magazine's Oct. '93 issue).

          Applying consistency to  the  grandfather paradox might mean
          it would be  impossible  (if the universe is truly a 'cosmic
          videotape') to produce  any  interference with the past that
          could produce a  present  different from the one we know. To
          present a means  whereby  changes  in  the past would not be
          possible if they  produced  a present different from the one
          we know, please  see  the  1st  submission I sent to Science
          Wish List ('Video')  which  linked  the  3rd  dimension to a
          'cosmic videotape' and the 4th & 5th dimensions suggested by
          Einstein et al  to  a 'cosmic VCR' and power source for that
          video cassette recorder.

          Changes in the  previous  frames  of  our earthly videotapes
          simply aren't possible  if  they  lead  to succeeding frames
          being  different  from   the   way   they   were   when  the
          tapes/cassettes were last  viewed.  According to the idea of
          consistency (plus the  enclosed  poem), frames of the cosmic
          videotape could not  be  different  from  what  history  and
          current events reveal  because  different  frames  would not
          lead  to 'cosmic  origins'  from  'a  mini  black  hole'  Me
          history,   current  events   and   the   future   would   be

          Though (according to  these ideas) the world's present blood
          shedding and hostility  are  predetermined,  so  are  cosmic
          origins from mini  black  holes. We can only reach the point
          where creation of  our  home  - our universe -is possible by
          overcoming bloodshed and hostility

          (which seek, at  times,  to  preserve existing conditions at
          the expense of  future  progress).  To  reach  this creation
          point, we must  continually  strive to develop knowledge and
          wisdom,   love   and    peace,   cooperation   and   ethical
          behaviour/thinking  while  at   the  same  time  cultivating
          patience and forgiveness  -  we all need to be patient with,
          and to forgive,  the  tendency  of  ourselves  and others to

          We have the  free will to decide whether, at this crossroads
          in time, to  strive  towards the dream of making our home or
          to indulge an  inclination  for  hostile acts and bloodshed.
          This universe we  live  in  is not to be taken for granted -
          true, we already have somewhere to live: but only because it
          is predetermined that  we'll  use free will to practise some
          form of cosmogenesis  (production  of the cosmos). This free
          will exists because,  although  we're ultimately composed of
          the quantum waves  or  infinitesimal  pulses of energy which
          program the entire cosmos, in people those quantum waves are
          organised into the unique human brain.

          When we program the primordial (mini) black hole - see later
          sections of 'Cosmos  Factory' - our free will determines how
          the cosmic videotape will unfold in the future. But the form
          of that programming  or  'writing'  is  predetermined by the
          brain's being composed  (at  a  level  which  is  a  million
          billion billion times smaller than the DNA in the nucleus of
          a microscopic cell) of quantum waves or infinitesimal pulses
          of energy, as  well  as being predetermined by our desire to
          perpetuate the universal  (and  human)  condition  which has
          been revealed by  thousands  of  years  of  observation  and
          experiment (he by  the  'reading'  we've  done). Many people
          describe our computer-like  read/write cycles as the will of
          God - I  see this as an indication that a part of each of us
          (the subconscious, the  soul,  the  electrophotic brain [see
          'Fountain of Youth'])  knows  God  must  be  the  sum of ALL
          infinitesimal energy pulses  or  quantum  waves  (or as John
          4:24 puts it, 'God is a Spirit . . .')

          typed after reading  THE MIND OF GOD, in order to illustrate
          the possibilities of consistency-

          As Paul Davies  states  in  his book, '(The astronomer Fred)
          Hoyle  believes that  the  organization  of  the  cosmos  is
          controlled by a  superintelligence'  and Hoyle believes that
          by acting at  the  quantum  level this superintelligence can
          implant thoughts or  ideas from the future, ready-made, into
          human brain.'

          THE MIND OF  GOD  also  says  that if this superintelligence
          acts backward in  time - which, according to Stephen Hawking
          and his colleagues,  can  be  thought  of  as  just  another
          spatial dimensionit could,  as  part  of  a  self-consistent
          causal loop, create  that  universe and be what we term God.
          There are hints  of  this  in  the  ideas  of physicist John
          Wheeler, who learned  his  science  from Albert Einstein and
          Niels Bohr (a famous pioneer of quantum mechanics).

          Further, the book  suggests  that  a  Theory  of  Everything
          explaining the entire  universe  could  be  attained  if the
          universe operates as  a closed loop in which its explanation
          is contained within  itself.  In  other  words, in which its
          output (the consequences  of  the  Big Bang eg the nature of
          matter) is consistent  with its input (the generation of the
          Big Bang Conceivably  accomplished  by  humanity discovering
          matter's nature and  applying  that knowledge in combination
          with the idea  addressed  by  scientists  such as Alan Guth,
          Andrei Linde and George Greenstein of creating a universe in
          a basement or laboratory). When combined with so called time
          travel, the principle that TOE = I = O (Theory of Everything
          equals  Input being  consistent  with  Output)  would  allow
          humans to fulfil  their  destiny  as parts of the cosmos and
          its  superintelligence,  and  to  play  their  role  in  the
          creation of their cosmos.

          typed after reading  THE  ULTIMATE  VANISHING,  in  order to
          further illustrate the possibilities of consistency -

          The following poem  seems  to  present  a  logical  case for
          space-time being 'recycled' by means of the mini black holes
          Professor Stephen Hawking  proposed  twenty  years  ago. The
          poem is based  on  the  article  'Through the Looking Glass'
          (ASTRONOMY magazine, Oct.  '89)  by U.S. astronomy professor
          George  Greenstein  and   represents   future  scientific  &
          technological  advances  by   a  fictional  'Supergirl'  who
          travels   through  4th   dimensional   'subspace'   to   5th
          dimensional 'hyperspace' so  she  can  create  the  universe
          (this scenario draws  on Prof. Hawking's statement that time
          can  be  thought   of   as  another  spatial  dimension  and
          mathematical equations developed  by  Albert  Einstein which
          say a maximum  of  3  universes  could exist in our cosmos -
          using the above scenario, these would be space as we know it
          which would be  connected  to  subspace [forming space-time]
          which would be connected to hyperspace).

          Supergirl started collecting soft drink tins;

          In weight they were proximately 20 lbs.

          the scales told her.

          Her final plan addressed cosmic origins;

          But first she must use the particle

          beam accelerator.

          With heat and pressure confined by magnetised matter;

          Where once there was lemonade

          (haute cuisine at a tea party of the Mad Hatter)

          A mini black hole was made.

          Energy transmitted inside the black hole

          'condensed' into mass

          Shred by pressure into the Cosmic Computer's

          'bits of time-space'.

          Guided by C.C.'s programming limits,

          bits were frozen together

          Into particles of light, mass, antimass

          and negative matter.

          Pursuing programs written with the bits of

          space and time;

          Parts followed an expanding 4-dimensional space-time.

          From hyperspace her world arose; not by God the Creator

          (Well, in a way, yes - God is the sum of all BInary

          digiTS; and Supergirl is made of BITS)

          Nor by spontaneous quantum fluctuation.

          Because it is the universe of the Womanly Wonder

          (Teams produce amazing advances - amazement can

          also come from the individualist)

          She must have created herself - now that's liberation!

          The above poem speaks of creation of 4-dimensional spacetime
          if Supergirl first  journeyed  back in time, say, 18 billion
          years from the  present to create space-time; she could then
          travel back, say,  20  billion  years  from  the  present to
          create infinite hyperspace  (the  word  infinite  would mean
          forever expanding, as  opposed  to  our finite subuniverse's
          alternating expansion and contraction) which would come into
          existence 2 billion years before the space we know. In order
          to create hyperspace  20  billion  years ago, Supergirl must
          ensure that the  infinite 4th dimensional space which allows
          time travel and  which  I've  called  subspace is already in
          existence - she  could program front and back expansion into
          subspace (from 18 billion BC to present and 18 billion to 20
          billion years ago).

          Since 'subspace' is equivalent to 'time' in the Relativistic
          phrase 'space-time', and  Einstein's  Theory  of  Relativity
          says time cannot  exist independently of space, the space we
          know not only  expanded 'frontwards' to our current location
          but  must  also   have  expanded  'backwards'  to  meet  the
          hyperspace of, say,  20  billion years ago. So we would live
          in a universe  that  could  be  thought  of  as an inflating
          balloon  and  space   /   subspace  /  hyperspace  would  be
          intermingling, interacting, parts of that unified universe -
          parts with different energy levels.

          My reasons for  thinking the Big Bang occurred in hyperspace
          are 1) Einstein's  equations, and 2) this paragraph: Psychic
          researcher Robert Monroe  once  reported an OBE (out of body
          experience) during which  he  discovered  that  the realm he
          calls Locale III  is  like this realm of space as we know it
          (Locale I) except that it has no electricity or fossil fuel,
          but instead uses 'a sort of nuclear power'. If the 3 spatial
          dimensions we're familiar  with can be termed Locale I, then
          Locale III may  be  Mr.  Monroe's  term  for the domain of 5
          spatial dimensions which  Swedish  scientist  Theodor Kaluza
          proposed to Albert  Einstein  in a 1919 letter. Could Locale
          III's 'sort of nuclear power' actually be mass-energy fusion
          of the Big  Bang type? The screen display of computers needs
          to be renewed  and  refreshed  periodically  - if the cosmos
          functions like the  supreme  computer,  its multidimensional
          'display' would also need refreshing and Big Bangs may recur
          regularly (they wouldn't  form  any  other universes besides
          space, subspace and  hyperspace  but would recur at the same
          point in time and hyperspace).

          Referring to the  above  poem again and the subject of black
          holes, here's a method for the creation of Hawking radiation
          that's  based  on   Relativity  (Hawking  radiation  is  the
          emission  of  subatomic   particles   from  a  black  hole's
          gravitational field).

          Maybe the poem's  'bits of time-space' (which would actually
          be   infinitesimal   pulses    -    quantum   waves   -   of
          electromagnetic/gravitational energy) undergo change imposed
          by Relativity's 4th  dimension  and  vibrate between an 'on'
          state (presence of a pulse) and an 'off' state (absence of a
          pulse). (In other  words, the quantum waves or minute pulses
          travel.) When 'on',  the quantum waves/space-time bits would
          form  subatomic  particles   because   of  the  relativistic
          principle that energy  is equivalent to mass. It may be that
          spacetime - more precisely; its actuating curvature combined
          with  its  quantum-wave-generated   artificial  intelligence
          (similar to electrical  or  light  pulses  in a sufficiently
          advanced electronic or  optical  computer  generating  AI) -
          forms quantum waves  into superimposed holograms when making
          particles eg a  hologram made from quantum light waves might
          be combined with  ones  made  from quantum gravity waves and
          other quantum waves.

          The black hole's massive gravity would be the trigger of the
          tendency to assume  this  'on' state. Since Relativity tells
          us  acceleration  is   equivalent  to  gravitation,  objects
          travelling near the  speed  of  light  (the  velocity of all
          electromagnetic waves - 186,272 miles per second) would also
          experience an increase  in  mass.  If,  as the poem implies,
          space-time bits make  up  both space and matter, increase of
          matter means increase  of  space (which, assuming the object
          is finite and  exists  1n  space-time,  means  decrease - ie
          slowing  -of  time:   so-called   time   dilation  has  been
          experimentally confirmed).

          The following letter seems an appropriate addition to Cosmos
          Factory - so here it is:

          April 24, 1996

          TIME AUSTRALIA Letters

          GP0 Box 3873

          Sydney, NSW 2001

          Dear Editor,

          Is it disrespectful  to  wonder  if  something good can ever
          come from a  terrible  illness  like  prostate  cancer? Does
          irreverent logic suggest  the  disease  might  be the key to
          understanding the universe?  I  refer  to 'The Man's Cancer'
          (April 22) stating  '.  .  .  cryotherapy  involves  pushing
          metallic probes into  the  prostate  and  circulating liquid
          nitrogen at -126  degrees  C  through them . . .' and '. . .
          prostate tissue immediately  adjacent  to the catheter (used
          to warm the urethra) does not freeze . . .'

          Curiosity about cold and heat might lead us to the four laws
          of thermodynamics, which  deal with the ways in which energy
          such as heat  can  be  passed  from  one  body  of matter to
          another. Of the  four laws, our attention might focus on the
          first (energy can  neither  be created nor destroyed). so if
          energy can't be  created,  where did the normal body heat in
          the prostate gland ultimately come from?

          The energy exists  now and always must (though not always in
          the form of  a  physical  prostate).  If  the  energy wasn't
          created,  it must  have  been  somehow  recycled.  The  most
          obvious source of this recycled energy (which takes the form
          of prostate tissue, in accord with Einstein's statement that
          energy and matter are interchangeable) is living prostates.

          Advances in genetic  engineering,  cloning  and  'artificial
          life' research may  mean  the time is close when doctors and
          scientists can recycle  energy  originating  in prostate and
          other tissues from  a  donor cell to a newly fashioned organ
          for  transplant, or  indeed,  they  may  recycle  energy  to
          fashion  a  complete  new  body.  We  should  remember  that
          prostates  and  bodies   (some   with  ovaries)  that  lived
          thousands of years ago also consist of recycled energy.

          If the source of this recycling is bodies living in the near
          future, time travel  must  be possible whether we like it or
          not. If our  current  ideas  about  paradoxes  and  what  is
          realistic decide time  travel  is  pure fantasy, we must (a)
          conclude that the  first law of thermodynamics is wrong, and
          (b) ask ourselves  why  the  applications  of  biotechnology
          should be limited to what residents of the late 20th century
          can imagine.

          Now, where did  the energy of the universe-creating Big Bang
          come from?

          Should  'The Man's  Cancer'  be  retitled  'The  Man's  (and
          Woman's) Cosmos'? Don't  you find it satisfying that humans'
          destiny is to  create  (with  a  small  'c')  themselves? Of
          course, we can't  be  called  Creators (with a large 'C') or
          Gods - though  the universe's existence depends on us, it is
          equally true that  our  existence  depends  on the universes
          Naturally,  this  loop   is   inconceivable   if   time   is
          unquestionably considered to  always  operate  as a straight
          line - but if 'energy can neither be created nor destroyed',
          how can time be exclusively rectilinear?