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Science Wish List by Rodney Bartlett
Little Big Toe
(contribution # 3 - written April 3, 1994)
          Perhaps one of  the most beneficial discoveries civilisation
          could  make  is   TOE   (the   Theory   of   Everything).  A
          comprehensive TOE would reconcile science and religion.

          If you believe  this  letter  represents progress towards an
          unlimited theory of  everything,  you  might  compare  it to
          someone's Big TOE and regard it as a foot in the door of the
          room containing the  secrets  of  the  universe.  But if you
          think  it reveals  an  imagination  gone  wild,  you  should
          compare it to  a  Little  TOE and regard it as a foot in the
          door of Dreamworld.

          After reading the  article  'The  $2  Billion  Hole' in TIME
          magazine (the Nov.  1, '93 issue), I decided to write down a
          few ideas and  send  a Letter to the Editor. One idea led to
          another, and I  ended  up  with  the following (which is too
          long for a  letter-to-the-editor column, but is not too long
          to include here):

          The superconducting supercollider  may be gone but 'the most
          powerful tool ever  designed  to study the nature of matter'
          is actually the human brain.

          As Professor Paul Davies states in his book THE MIND OF GOD:
          'The astronomer Fred Hoyle believes that the organisation of
          the cosmos is  controlled by a superintelligence' and 'Hoyle
          believes that by  acting  at  the  quantum  level this super
          intelligence can implant  thoughts or ideas from the future,
          ready-made, into the human brain'.

          THE MIND OF  GOD  also  says  that if this superintelligence
          acts  backward in  time  -  which,  according  to  Professor
          Stephen Hawking and  his  colleagues,  can  be thought of as
          just  another spatial  dimension  (accessible  by  means  of
          cosmic wormholes?) -it  could,  as part of a self-consistent
          causal loop, create the universe and be what we term God.

          Further,  the book  implies  that  a  Theory  of  Everything
          explaining the entire  universe  could  be  attained  if the
          universe operates as  a closed loop in which its explanation
          is contained within  itself.  In  other  words, in which its
          output (the consequences  resulting from the Big Bang eg the
          nature  of  matter)   is  consistent  with  its  input  (the
          generation  of the  Big  Bang  conceivably  accomplished  by
          humanity  discovering  matter's  nature  and  applying  that
          knowledge  in  combination   with   the  idea  addressed  by
          scientists  such as  Alan  Guth,  Andrei  Linde  and  George
          Greenstein  of  creating   a   universe  in  a  basement  or
          laboratory). When combined  with  so called time travel, the
          principle that TOE  =  I  =  O  (Theory of Everything equals
          Input being consistent  with  Output)  would allow humans to
          fulfil  their  destiny  as  parts  of  the  cosmos  and  its
          superintelligence, and to play their role in the creation of
          their cosmos.

          According to Albert  Einstein, energy is equivalent to mass.
          It logically follows  that  the ultimate components of every
          particle are 'quantum  waves'  or  'infinitesimal pulses' of
          energy.   Quantum   waves    within    electromagnetic   and
          gravitational waves would  be  the  ultimate  components  of
          photons  and  as  yet  undetected  gravitons  and  would  be
          consistent  with  the   existence  of  fractals  (these  are
          branching  shapes which,  like  tiny  quantum  waves  within
          relatively enormous gravity  waves,  are  repeated again and
          again on different  scales  -  when  generated on a computer
          screen, fractals are  used  for computer art and in creating
          models  of,  for   example,  coastlines  or  plant  growth).
          Repetition of fractals,  when  combined  with  a  degree  of
          randomness, can lead  from tiny, complex, geometrical shapes
          to the relative  enormity of convincingly natural, simulated
          coastlines and mountain ranges.

          Following through from  computer generated fractals leads to
          the conclusion that  natural  mountain  ranges  / coastlines
          (and everything else  in  nature)  result  from the universe
          itself being a computer (just as pulses of electrical energy
          in a sufficiently advanced computer generate AI - artificial
          intelligence  - in  that  computer,  quantum  waves  in  the
          universe  generate the  universal  superintelligence.  Could
          these  waves  be   formed  into  superimposed  holograms  by
          space-time's AI and  actuating  curvature when particles are
          created  eg a  hologram  made  from  light  waves  might  be
          combined with a hologram made from gravity waves?)

          If the universe  really is a computer, the distortions which
          occur  with  more   than   3   space  dimensions  (distorted
          gravitational and electrical  forces,  distorted brain waves
          and  other  travelling   waves)   could   be   overcome   by
          reprogramming or self-reprogramming.

          Finally, I'd like  to  say  a  few  words about two possible
          stumbling blocks to  everything I've written (these might be
          called the probability and infinity problems):

          To overcome the  quantum mechanical belief that the end of a
          wormhole only has  a  probability  of  possessing  a single,
          definite position; we  could  reinterpret  the  Many  Worlds
          interpretation of quantum  theory which says that a particle
          follows every possible path between two points and its exact
          position  is  a   matter   of   probability.   The   revised
          interpretation says particles in different dimensions are at
          different points on the same path because energy levels vary
          between  dimensions -  and  that  positions  are,  in  fact,
          precise  (feedback  is  a  fundamental  principle  of  chaos
          theory, the branch  of mathematics' Nonlinear Dynamics which
          scientists believe is  vital  for  describing the universe -
          blurring, or quantum  indeterminacy, occurs at atomic scales
          because effects, eg later locations, feed back on causes, eg
          earlier  locations, in  this  cosmos  which  obeys  laws  of
          nonlinear dynamics).

          This hypothesis has  a couple of references to mathematician
          Roger Penrose's twistor  theory:  1)  twistors  also make up
          both the points  that  define  space  and the particles that
          inhabit it, and  2)  the  intersection of paths travelled in
          twistor space by massless particles like photons (do photons
          appear massless because their energy content is identical to
          surrounding  space's energy?)  translates  as  a  series  of
          twistors - which may be represented as points - along a line
          (this  resembles  the   statement  'particles  in  different
          dimensions are at different points on the same path').

          Albert   Einstein's   mathematical   calculations   proposed
          (according to the  1973  book  ALBERT  EINSTEIN, CREATOR AND
          REBEL by Banesh Hoffman in collaboration with Helen Dukas) a
          maximum of 3 different types of universe that could exist in
          the endless cosmos - one finite and two infinite. The finite
          universe would be  space  as  we  know it while the infinite
          universes would be  the  4th  spatial  dimension (Einstein's
          theories show time  to  be  infinite and I like to call this
          dimension 'subspace', in  honour of science fiction) and the
          5th   spatial  dimension   (hyperspace).   so   while   some
          calculations would indeed  be  uncomputable  by  space as we
          know 4,t (a  finite  Computer) the inclusion of subspace and
          hyperspace  in  our  universe  (forming  what  is  sometimes
          referred to as  the metauniverse) would remove any limits to
          computing power.

          Could it be  that what is sometimes called Satan is actually
          a consequence of  signals  being  routed  among neighbouring
          space-time bits (quantum  waves)  in  much the same way that
          ones and zeros  can  be processed by a neurocomputer (neural
          net) to weaken connections (in space-time, these connections
          wouldn't possess reduced  positive  values  but  would  have
          negative values We  they'd be located to the left of zero on
          the cosmic number  line)?  This  would  lead  to Satan being
          regarded as subordinate to God, who could be thought of as a
          consequence  of signals  being  routed  through  the  cosmic
          neural network just  as  ones  and zeros can be processed to
          strengthen connections (these  would  have positive values -
          they'd be located  to the right of zero on the cosmic number
          line). Maybe this  has  implications  for  the  cosmological
          constant or vacuum-energy problem (this refers to the amount
          of energy in empty space).

          Is  the  negative   energy  termed  Satan  (having  weakened
          connections)  only  apparently  cancelled  by  the  positive
          energy termed God?  Because  of  the  advantage  of positive
          energy (strengthened connections),  the  positive  energy  -
          which pushes space  outward - of the infinite energy density
          pervading the metauniverse  would  be  responsible  for  the
          forever  expanding  infinite  subuniverse  of  subspace  and
          hyperspace, while the  negative  energy  (which  makes space
          contract) would be  responsible for the ultimate contraction
          of our finite  part  of  the  metauniverse.  (* According to
          Einstein,  energy  is  equivalent  to  mass  (ie  matter  is
          'frozen'  energy)  and   therefore  possesses  gravitational
          influence. It would  also  seem to possess antigravitational
          influence under certain  circumstances  eg  Einstein invoked
          antigravity in 1917  equations  of  his  which suggested the
          universe must be  either contracting or expanding (he wanted
          to  keep it  static)  and  physicist  Alan  Guth  called  on
          antigravity  over  a   decade   ago  when  he  proposed  the
          inflationary universe (the  theory  that the universe didn't
          expand from the  Big  Bang at a uniform rate but underwent a
          period of explosively rapid expansion).

          end of 'Little Big TOE'