Works By Australian Authors
Science Wish List by Rodney Bartlett
           These 8 letters  were  prepared in response to the following
          item in a  newspaper column called 'Science Today' (the item
          appeared  in March  of  1994).  These  letters  compare  the
          universe to a  video (sometimes a tape, sometimes a player),
          to  a  computer   (sometimes  digital,  sometimes  a  neural
          network) and to  the  mathematical  oddity  called  a Mobius
          strip - what  they're  really saying is that the universe is
          unique and that  none of these comparisons fully describe it
          though they all  assist  our  understanding of the cosmos we
          live in. The  ideas behind these letters had been developing
          in my mind  since  mid 1986, though my thoughts only started
          to Crystallise and become more fully developed in late '93.

          The 'Science Today'  item:  'Everyone  has a scientific wish
          list,  the invention  or  discovery  you  think  would  most
          benefit  civilisation.  Perhaps  it's  an  automatic  vacuum
          cleaner, nappy changer  or  car  washer. Or maybe a tad more
          technical, such as  a  way  to  get to Mars without the huge
          effort of launching  a rocket or the loneliness of months in
          a space capsule . . . or even a cure for cancer.

          'Send in your  suggestions  - as many as you like -including
          your thoughts on  how each could be brought to fruition. You
          can be as  factual  or  as fanciful as you like, remembering
          that much of  scientific  genius  belongs  to  the  world of
          imagination, coupled with knowledge and observation.

          'Then  over  the  coming  two  months,  the  best  and  most
          innovative suggestion each  week  will win a free membership
          to the international  Double  Helix  Club,  organised by the
          CSIR0 and worth  up to $20 per membership. So write today to
          John Cokley, Science  Wish  List,  The  Sunday Mail, GP0 Box
          130,  Brisbane,  4001,   making   sure   you   include  your
          contribution, your name, address, age, and daytime telephone