The Intimidation Of Cricket Umpires
'Umpires afraid of reprisals' The Sunday Mail 2/6/2002

INTERNATIONAL umpires have become so intimidated by powerful subcontinent countries they will not no-ball chuckers for fear of reprisal, former umpire Ross Emerson says.

"The problem is the subcontinent countries India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are running the game because that's where all the money is," Emerson said. "Look at the fiasco with (Indian president Jagmohan) Dalmiya when (match referee) Mike Denness reported all those Indian blokes. "What happened to Mike Denness? (He) got the a.... What happened to me? Got the a.... What happened to the referee that time with (Arjuna) Ranatunga, Peter van der Merwe? Got the a..."

Van der Merwe, the match referee, intended to impose a six match ban on Ranatunga for bringing the game into disrepute. This was dismissed after the Sri Lankan's legal team threatened the ICC with an injunction.