Frivolous Remark Wins Instant Arrest
'Guns' crack lands flier in court by Mick Daly (The Courier-Mail, 25/4/2005)

A Queensland man scheduled to fly to Brisbane yesterday was arrested by police at Canberra airport after joking he had guns in his luggage during check-in.

The man, 24, from Caboolture, north of Brisbane, was detained by Australian Federal Police at the airport about 10.30 am.

Canberra police said the man, who was due to board a Virgin flight to Brisbane, had told a customer service agent he had "guns in there" when asked whether his luggage contained anything flammable or sharp.

An AFP spokesman said the man did not have any guns in his luggage but it was against the law to joke about firearms, bombs and other weapons.

The man was charged with engaging in an act of unlawful interference with aviation and will appear in ACT Magistrate's Court today.

Canberra police deputy chief commander Steve Lancaster said two other men had been arrested at the airport last week for "uttering similar statements".