The Meaning Of Life
From 'Role Of Morality' by P Atkinson (23-Nov-19)

Meaning is created by applying beliefs about right and wrong to observations.

The Observer Supplies Meaning
There is no meaning in events, this is something understanding supplies to what the senses observe. A tasty meal for one creature can be a dreadful death for another; the death of a person may be a vile crime or an accident or an act of justice; it all depends upon the understanding of the observer.

Meaning Rests Upon Morality
The reliance upon understanding for meaning reveals the importance of morality, for this is the foundation of understanding. Meaning is bestowed on observations using the set of values about right and wrong the experiences of infancy set, which allows the invoking of reason. This means that our infancy determines our understanding, which in turn determines the meaning of our lives.

Understanding Determines Knowledge
From the almost unlimited number of possible observations of its surroundings an understanding detects, then selects only those it considers to be meaningful, and these it interprets and accumulates in memory as its experience or knowledge. And this knowledge it employs as the axioms for judging cause and effect.

Morality Determines Reality
Meaning and knowledge are used by an understanding to construct a view of the world —reality. Hence it is the moral foundation of an understanding, as well as experience, that dictates reality. And there can be no reality except that realised by an understanding. A Reality is in effect the memory of an understanding.