Morality Is The Controlling Beliefs Of An Understanding
by Philip Atkinson (January 2011)

Morality is an understanding's beliefs about what is right (what it should do) and what is wrong (what it should not do) so controls the understanding. Hence Morality is the beliefs that an understanding worships, so it is the religion of the understanding, which dictates sanity or insanity, depending on whether it worships the community so revering tradition, aspiring to be dutiful and being an asset to the community; or Self so despising tradition, aspiring to please only self and being a liability to the community.

Morality Is Misunderstood By Society
Morality Is The Basis Of Understanding
The Getting Of Wisdom
The Importance And Method Of Teaching Children Morality
The Impact Of Immorality
What Decides A Person To Be Moral or Immoral
Recognising Good And Evil
The Meaning Of Life
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