Dr Anthony Fauci's Folly Probably Caused COVID-19
By Philip Atkinson (07-Jul-21)

Dr Fauci has admitted he aided the financing of research by the Wuhan Institute of Virology to study the transmission of corona viruses from bats to human. That is, for personal reasons he deliberately took two unnecessary and dangerous risks. First was the danger that the research would allow the Chinese Communist Party to develop a virus that could be used to attack the USA, so his act is treason. The second was the risk that a dangerous virus could escape from the laboratory and kill millions of people throughout the world, so his act is folly.

Fauci's claim in his defence that he did not know the nature of the Chinese Communist Party, is neither an acceptable excuse nor the truth. Fauci knew China was not a friend of the USA, and he must have also known that China is ruled by the Chinese Communist Party as a totalitarian regime, or at the very least he should have checked this with government advisors.

Fauci did know that there was a risk of the virus escaping from the laboratory because this is the reason why such research is illegal in the USA. And he was warned by staff who inspected the Wuhan laboratory that the Wuhan laboratory procedures were inadequate, so he knew there was a strong possibility of the virus escaping.

This means that when he heard the news of a new deadly corona virus killing people in Wuhan, he must immediately have suspected an escape of the virus from the laboratory. However, lying by omission, he pretended to accept without question the Chinese government claim that the virus was an accidental transmission from another species.

Therefore Fauci has lied to the world, placed his nation at risk, placed humanity at risk, and probably caused the deaths of millions of people.