Cancer: Cause & Cure
From 'Decline of Medicine' by P Atkinson (07-Aug-17)

Cancer: Treatment Wrong
Cancer is a symptom of a failure in the defence mechanisms of the body, so the disease is the agent causing this failure. Instead of trying to identify and correct the cause, doctors treat the symptom by eradicating the cancer, which is an attack upon the health of the patient that gives no guarantee that the cancer will not re-appear.

Cancer: Cause & Cure
Observing a connection between cancer in his sheep and their diet, which he fixed by a sheep-lick, in 1943 farmer Percy Weston successfully treated a cancerous tumour on his hand by ingesting the same salts he used for the sheep lick. So when his wife was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 1948 and the doctors prescribed a hysterectomy, which would end any possibility of children, Mr Weston resolved to use the same technique, albeit with some improvement, on his wife along with the elimination from her diet of foods rich in phosphorus. The dietary regime was begun in 1949, with the patient's condition visibly improving within a few weeks. Mrs Weston fully recovered and subsequently was able to give birth to two children.

Cancer Specialist's Response
In his book "Cancer: Cause & Cure" Mr Percy Weston revealed the response he received when he revisited his wife's specialist to inform him of the result of the dietary regime.

After I had been waiting about 20 minutes, the doctor entered the room in a grim, belligerent mood. He walked right up to me, raised his index finger to the level of my face and then let loose on me.

"Look," he said "if you are bringing your wife back to me in a dying condition, you deserve to be bloody well hung."

Then followed a tirade of abuse that left my ears burning because I disregarded his advice.

When Mr Weston eventually got a chance to explain his wife was well and had given birth to two children, the specialist was incredulous.

"Well I'm darned; in all my medical experience, I have never known a woman in your wife's condition, as she came to me, to live 12 months, let alone bear two children"

Shrugging his shoulders, he then said

"The inexplicable sometimes happens and the medical world would dearly love to know why"

However the Doctor's initial tirade and threats had so frightened Mr Weston that he left without disclosing his treatment.