The Decline Of Law
by P Atkinson (24/3/2016)

Nobody Is Safe Except Common Criminals

Justice Is Sane Rule
Justice is the upholding by violence of tradition, which is the judgment of the rational communal understanding allowed by the acceptance of an unselfish moral code. The agents of the courts are the servants of the general conscience of the community; a conscience that has been informed by upbringing and reinforced by observing the penalties imposed by the courts. The police are not expected to hunt for crime but only to apprehend those who are responsible for an act that has outraged the public sense of decency. Then every hand is turned against the wrong doers who are well aware that they have committed an evil act, be it theft, assault or murder. With the public imposition of penalty producing only a sense of justice served, an act that unites the community.

Tyranny Is Insane Rule (Rule By Informer)
Tyranny is the enforcement of the discarding of tradition, which is the irrational judgment of a communal understanding obtained by the lack of an unselfish moral code. The laws demanded are not sensible and consequently lack universal acceptance and so need to be enforced. This requires some citizens to act as the agents of the courts to spy on the community to discover those who are breaking the laws; without the help of such informers, tyranny cannot be imposed, which is why tyranny can be defined as rule by informer. Then it is no longer the proscribed act that is evil, but the law and its officers. The courts become agents of compulsory insanity, that is they become tyrants imposing injustice. Inevitably the imposition of penalty upon those deemed guilty is received with mixed feelings; while some rejoice others seethe with resentment at the injustice, so the act of enforcing law divides and weakens the community.

Modern Law Is Tyranny
Today (circa 2000), having replaced the guide of traditional morality with the arbitrary opinions of sections of the community, the law has become a tyrant; a tool of persecution for the majority against the minority. While some citizens consider the smacking of children as an essential part of rearing progeny, to many the act is a crime and they demand official prohibition. Some citizens consider the free expression of opinion as everyone's right, but to others only politically correct opinions should be aired under threat of prosecution. Some citizens feel smoking is one of life's joys; more feel it is a terrible hazard and clamour to have the practice proscribed. There is no limit to different opinions within the community, so there is no limit to the laws the public wish to enact, with the very explosion of statutes confirming the tyranny of modern law.

Presumption Of Innocence Discarded
Presuming Innocence demands evidence to substantiate allegations. The cases of entertainer Rolf Harris, Hey Dad! star Robert Hughes, Gary Brabham and noted criminologist Paul Wilson reveal that unsubstantiated accusations are now all that is required to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt. That is, to be accused is to be guilty unless you can prove you are innocent, which is rarely possible.

Modern Law Threatens Everybody— Except Common Criminals
The distortion of the interpretation of existing law along with the framing of new laws is creating an atmosphere where nobody is safe from prosecution. As was discovered by Queensland Chief Magistrate Di Fingleton who was sentenced to 12 months' jail in 2003 for sending an electronic message. A severe penalty that is in stark contrast to the public failure of the courts and the inability of the police to punish common criminals.

Tyranny Plunges The Community Into A Cycle Of Fear
And once having embraced rule by threat, the community discovers only that they have become dependent upon terror to keep order. For threats, legal or otherwise, do not make people behave, but the inevitable failure of the laws merely incites demands for more laws and greater penalties. This plunges the community into a cycle that must continue until ALL citizens are threatened with drastic penalty on the word of an informer.