Responses in 2011
To A Study Of Our Decline



Emily, (Des Moines, IA, USA)

Eat fat, get slim — Thank you for posting Eat fat, get slim. I've only discoverd your site today through a low-carb bulletin board online. I've read a lot of diet books in the past 6 years and none put it quite as simply as this book. And to think of all the money I've wasted over the years trying to find a diet for me, this diet. And you posted it for us to read freely!
It's too bad the publishers stopped you from posting the book about exercise because i was looking forward to that. I look forward to reading the rest of the books on your site.




A word of thanks — I just recently stumbled across this website and let me say, it is refreshing. There are not very many sites that focus on the truth, or even go into how our civilization is slowly becoming animals again. I don't really like it how people say it's limited to the United States or the West - because I'm sure as everyone knows that if the West falls, so does the east.
The politically correct jargon has become global, and your articles clearly point this out. It disproves the Global Warming and overpopulation myths and speaks out against the Feminist and homosexual agenda. I have found myself alienated for daring to suggest that said theories and agendas are incorrect and inhumane. The result of doing so has lead me to be called "one-sided", "ignorant", and naive.
In Canada, we are one of the countries to fall hook, line, and sinker for hateful ideologies and we have, so far, lost our sense of nationalism and pride. Just like our neighbour to the south, we too are becoming stupid and silly. Not one person dares to have any individualism or thoughts of their own, and instead absorb misinformation and treat it as the truth.
An example: My history class. It isn't so much a history class than it is a victimhood class. It only focuses on the "hardships" of women, and how they weren't "treated as people". During a debate I spoke up about this issue, and was promptly called a sufragette, even though I am strongly opposed to feminism and my opinions never implied I was for that ideology. My teacher - a female, of course - tends to go on and on about this alleged victimhood and continues to talk about this lie so flawlessly, I begin to doubt whether or not she actually thinks she's lying.
This isn't the first or last instance, either. My drama teacher is a LGBT fanatic, going as far as to suggest ludicrous statistics such as: "10% of people are straight, the other 10% are gay, and the rest are bisexual". I am not sure where she got that ludicrous attempt at science, but either way it left me flabbergasted. My teachers last year were also LGBT and feminist supporters and made it their life to continue to spread misinformation and indoctrinate us. I am in my last year of high school now, and frankly, I have learned nothing important. I am beginning to think that university is the same.
As for the societal degeneration, I have noticed a lot on the Internet that young girls such as myself have gone from innocent individuals to completely insane and selfish. They continue to ruin art and literature with their filth, and have become so coddled that they do not think they are doing any wrong. The emergance and acceptance of fetishes such as paedophilia, BDSM, incest, bestiality, and these anime and furry cultures have finally placed the final nail in the coffin. This isn't limited to the U.S. ( as some ignorantly believe), but this is a worldwide occurence. The decay of disclipline and the acceptance of mediocrity and mentally disturbed individuals have truly proved that the younger generations have no future.
It is truly a shame how the Internet has given us a lot, but has taken away so much. I believe that the Internet has retarded our thinking and critical processes and makes learning temporary and difficult. After all, political correctedness rules the Internet. How many people of the newer generations can go without a day without their phones? They do not read, but if they do, it is that "manga" garbage. They do not create "art", but disgusting pornography for their sick fetishes.
Solutions for this are generally impossible. As the younger generations become more depraved and fewer in number, we cannot depend on them to continue the legacy of humanity. As soon as the planet hits the massive depopulation trend, this problem will become even worse. It's hard to provide for a civilization when an extremely small chunk of it is young, an even smaller part decent, and an even smaller part intelligent and displaying some form of normalcy.


Nathan Platter

Response to the theory — Phil, I agree it's your logic and your series of arguments are consistent and concrete. I unfortunately agree with your co conclusions, but I plead with you to not lose heart and despair! I am a 20 year-old and I have seen how my fellow man's eyes have been opening over the past several years regarding the decline of Western society and no one wants a repeat of the dark ages! Though the average person is dumbing down and becoming more senile and idiotic citizens, there are some among us that will outlast and endure and pass on Truth, Honesty, and Integrity to our children! Your site had been EXTREMELY helpful and I have been greatly blessed by it and by you.



Peter Cunningham ( Mittagong NSW)

WELL DONE — A friend put me onto your site and I am so glad he did for it is a wealth of information, and comforting to know that at least I'm not crazy. You may like this quotation of mine: "People who wish to be owned by government, consider freedom as anarchy". I strike that situation often — people with closed minds. Often the very worst are at the extremes, ie: The average 'Westie' to the most educated. Both commonly display the traits of ignorant arrogance — which condemns us to repeat history and become progressively enslaved until the inevitable occurs to break those chains. I will refer your effort to others who actually exercise their neurones. (excludes Gillard and ilk)


Norman Smith ( High Point NC)

Dear Mr. Atkinson, I'm a Yank and couldn't agree more with your assessment of the death of the West. This has been bothering me for years. I know quite a bit of European and American history and it just kills me to see what is going on. It is such a waste! To think that all the tales and heroes of my childhood....have led to disheartening to say the least! I am a Christian and I know this is all temporal and doomed for destruction anyway.. but still I ask myself, What was it all for? It started on it's way down long before us and the best we can do is keep the faith I suppose. Like you I am beginning to see that democracy was the problem, not the solution that we were taught. I could never imagine saying that a few years ago. You're not alone Mr. Atkinson..there are still some of us left out here, God Bless!...reading back over the sounds kinda daft, but I hope you get my



Frank O'Shea (Ireland)

Your Writing — I found the link to your writing while researching Gower's take on correct writing in the English language. Your link came up somewhere in all that and I am impressed by your intelligent analysis. I have little ability myself in figuring things out but I get there eventually. Well done you.


Robert Brandtjen

Your Works — Sir, I am greatly enjoying your website and the attendant essays. Thank you for posting them. It is always a comfort to know there are others out there who see the truth. Sincerely Yours, (Sent from my iPhone)


Robert Barr

Welcome Read! —Hi Philip, I was delighted to find a piece of yours while researching "Sea Level" hoaxing. Reading your bio, I find find much makes sense. I'll write more at a later date with time on my hands! Thankyou for offering affirmation for those who need to know all is not lost!Cheers,



Michael Mitter

Great Site — Hi there. My name is Michael, I'm a 30 year old English teacher from Canada . I love your site, I've been saying the exact thing to my parents and friends for the last 5 or 6 years. If I hadn't known you were talking about OZ, I would have thought it was Canada . The majority of my time is spent abroad and I'll be returning to China this year... just as you say, Canada is reaching the end of its road. I think we are one of the top countries for political correctness and 'gender neutrality'. Moral decay is embraced and disgusting idols are worshiped (ala Lady Gaga, Britney Spears etc etc). Despite having 8 years in my profession and 4 diplomas, I would likely not be hired here due to my sex, skin colour and sexual preference ( I am a straight, white, male).
I will most likely marry overseas into a culture which respects their elders. I did not attend university and thus attract a lot of negativity when I tell people about my profession.. it seems lacking a degree today, regulates you to a 'stupid person' career even though the majority of degrees today are granted to gender studies and other useless programs.
As we say in the expat community its time to GTHO. (Get The Hell Out). Thanks for putting your site up, I really enjoyed the read. Mike



Glenn Wilder

Civilization website — Hello Mr. Atkinson, I was searching the web for "decline of western civilization" when I discovered your site. I'm gratified to read your cogent analysis on such a wide variety of related topics. You put words to things that I sense and have been trying to formulate in my mind. I mourn on a daily basis as I see the many evidences in the news of the rapid decline of our nation and of western civilization as we so foolishly spurn the traditional values upon which our once great society were built. Thanks,


Tom Sunic ( (Zagreb, Croatia)

Political Correctness — Dear Mr. Atkinson, I was just reading La Bruyere — and came accidentally across your name. Your piece on political correctness is very fine. best wishes



N. Peters

Personal Experience relating to what you've written —Hello Phillip, Sadly, I can confirm that the decay in the USA is very similar to what you have written about Australia. Something that I've experienced personally is that childhood has been extended to approximately the age of 24 for those that go to a University/College. There are no real requirements except for being present enough (today, about half of the time), having the ability and will to memorize the Pre-Test the night before the Exam. I ended up studying math and computer science because they were the least politicized, and at least some of the professors in those departments understood the fields and gave meaningful lectures. This doesn't mean they didn't hand out those "Pre-tests" before the exam, but only a professor that already has tenure can resist such a thing. Furthermore, even with tenure the professor must commit to a constant wave of complaints until his policy is changed. The university focuses on appeasing the students, not educating. One look in any brochure for most universities will confirm that the focuses are on clubs, fun activities, sports teams, and the dormitories. Any information about the quality of education will be extremely vague or only about politically correct goals.
The university also decided that half of a Bachelor's Degree must be general studies. This broke the tradition that the faculty of a department decided all of the classes required for a degree in the field. Some general studies are good and they were not absent when each Faculty dictated the degree requirements, but the system was replaced anyways and 100s of new lower-level classes were invented just for this program. From experience, all of these classes serve no educational purpose. They are far easier than even the (corrupted) introductory courses in the field they're in, and do little more fiddle with numbers and statistics about education rather than actually educate students. A failure to fulfill the purpose of a university.
I have been having many arguments lately about politics with some friends and encountered something very troubling. I forgot what the argument was about, but I had a point that the government should do x because x is better for the society because [some argument that is unappealing to selfish people]. It's normal that the person I'm arguing with attacks my positions with absurd analogies, but the arguer asked me this "What if you could kill 51% of the society and give the remaining ones an ideal life. Would you do it?" I thought that to suggest one can divide the society like that shows that the concept of society is misunderstood. I suggested that this person should read your book. Of course no one likes to be told, "You don't understand the basics behind this concept and shouldn't be making decision on it.", yet these are our voters. Universities teach that it's a common fallacy to rebut as I did, and I agree that it can be. However, that doesn't mean we should encourage a system that's like a company run by the customers. (people with no stake and taking no risk making decisions which involve what they get and others don't get)
Take care, and let me know if you have any more advice other than what you wrote in "How To Live In A Declining Civilization," (especially for someone than has a potential 50+ years left) and how welcome questions regarding your philosophy are.


G.C. North Carolina

Very Interesting — I have read everything you wrote on the website "". Your writing is amazing, clear, and addresses pretty much every question that one might have pertaining to these issues and related issues. I'll keep this short for fear of not articulating myself as well as you have, and for becoming the clear example of how the poor use of a language leads to foolish thinking.
I am a natural born American of European descent who fears for the future of this great country. Although you've addressed the notion of the irreversibility of senility in a community, how can this country survive this decline? What is your true opinion of America's future? I'd love to know more of what you truly think, as you are free to voice your true opinions on the state of this once-great-nation. I'm enamored by your careful and thoughtful writings on this topic.



An encouraged reader

The American 'experiment' — Mr. Atkinson, I just purchased your book online from LuLu after reading some of the material on your website. Not only do I enjoy the blunt and direct way you communicate in your writing, but your ideas are refreshing and provocative. I am an American and can attest to the ongoing invasion of middle-class culture by uneducated, third-world masses (whose birthrates dwarf those of an average middle-class family) who show no interest in assimilating into our values or culture. Not to mention the fact that we are accommodating hordes of unskilled laborers who do not fit into the new 21st century American economy. Most Americans do not openly address or discuss this problem, for fear of being labelled a racist or xenophobe. As a result, we're witnessing the rapid erosion of our national language, culture, economy, identity, and values.
Despite being somewhat of an optimist, I've concluded that it is too late to really do anything about this problem; the numbers speak for themselves. I've taken solace in the fact that the American experience is really just an experiment. The US is a country in its infancy, and there were never any guarantees that the American experiment would succeed. It only makes sense that America's meteoric rise would be followed by an equally rapid and impressive collapse. All the best.


Larry Lovig (Phippsburg, ME - USA)

a U.S. Perspective — Philip, I hope this finds you well. I, too, am an older gentleman wishing to reach an audience beginning to worry that their civilization is not what it used to be. I have gotten a great deal of insight and inspiration from your Internet postings; I especially appreciate the rigor you introduce into the word "understanding".
If I am doing anything different from you, it would be working on this product: "Handbook for a Dark[ening] Age". I plan to publish it.
I am so fed up with people writing and wringing their hands about decay and collapse, as introductions to suggestions for governmental policy changes and the like. Never going to happen.
In America, our Federal Government (where some of our most intractable issues lie) will have to put itself entirely out of business (as a first step) if it wished to attempt anything beneficial for its citizens.
So my attempt at value addition is offering some practical tips that may be useful once the electric power goes off. For example, I recognize from my research into the Roman Empire and other collapsing civilizations that the population really thins out in a hurry in the big cities after the fall. Accordingly, I offer tips for families who find themselves presently in an urban location to chose a good rural alternative to "winter over" for the next 300 - 500 years.
Other practical considerations like water, hostile invaders (e.g., our southern neighbors), availability of trees, etc., really limit our selection of decent refuges over here. I'm pretty sure the Canadians won't be inviting us in.
Anyhow, just thought I'd introduce myself and thank you for your contributions to this work and offer an e-mail address to you for a genuine fan.



Michael Smitten

Encouragement — Dear Philip I have read with interest your descriptions of the current "philosophies" like political correctness, global warming and taxation laws etc and can confirm I have come to the same, more or less, conclusions, privately and almost independently (maybe because when airing these views I started a rapid decline in numbers of friends - indeed one person whom I considered the most understanding and clear thinking person I had ever met and with whom I enjoyed countless hours of deep conversation is now effectively alien to me (much to my sadness) because she simply bristles at any attempt by me to discuss political correctness when it applies to equality, women and homosexuals - she has barrier that is so swiftly erected I become cut off in seconds. One might argue that it would be wise for me to avoid such subjects, but they inevitably occurred in the wide ranging conversations we used to have.
Anyway this message to encourage you to keep at it though, and this is not is negative comment, all philosophers of truth, historically have met uncertain ignoble ends, the mob continues to rule and, though philosophy is read, it is rarely practised and the philosopher becomes a novelty of history (is that possible?) - I first became aware of this through the history of Socrates, but it was scripture that finally nailed the lid on it when I became aware that politicians, world leaders and religious leaders are perfectly capable of cleansing their consciences (if they ever had any) over a "murder" if that was seen to be in the common good - these conclusions were confirmed when I independently predicted the death of Princess Diana some weeks before the event, and are directly related to the death of Christ, as well as many others throughout history - the correct term for this is assassination, whether disguised as an accident or carried out under a trumped up charge.
So I applaud your views and presentation and hope you are encouraged by mine and the comments from others. your sincerely