Unrestricted Calorie Diet For Weight Reduction In Obesity
Appendix "C" to Eat Fat And Grow Slim

Based on a diet sheet sent me by Dr. Pennington and adapted for use in my practice, to save time explaining to patients how to eat fat and grow slim.

This diet works on an entirely different principle from the usual low-calorie diets. Instead of trying to starve the fat off you, this diet gets your body to burn fat better.

It removes only your excess fat and does not reduce your weight below normal.

You will not feel hungry on the diet because the amount of food you eat is left to your appetite and not restricted at all. You eat three meals a day but only of the kind of food which helps to burn off about 7 lb. of excess fat a month. Here are the rules:

  1. Do not sleep more than eight hours a night. You burn up more fat while up and about.
  2. Drink a glass of water (with 1/2 lemon squeezed into it but no sugar, if you like) and then take 1/2 hour brisk walk. This exercise on an empty stomach helps to throw your body into gear for burning fat.
  3. After your walk have a good, old-fashioned breakfast of one or more of the following:
    1. Bacon, eggs, kidneys, fried in plenty of fat. Ham or all-meat Continental sausage. Kippers, bloaters, haddock stewed in milk and butter or margarine.
    2. Coffee (not essence) or tea with a little milk or plenty of cream. No sugar.
    3. Starch-reduced Energen or Proferin rolls and peanut butter, butter or margarine. No jam or marmalade. No Bread. No Crispbreads. Nothing Sweet Or Sweetened With Sugar. You may take saccharine if you wish. You will not feel hungry after this breakfast until the midday meal, so eat nothing but drink at least three glasses of water, flavoured with fresh unsweetened lemon juice if desired.
  4. Midday Meal Steak or any meat with its fat. Fish fried in fat but NO BATTER. Omelettes or ham or all-meat sausage. Lettuce and tomato salad dressed with olive oil and vinegar. Small serving of peas, string or French beans or other green vegetable with plenty of butter or margarine. Apple or orange. Cheese —preferably high-fat kind— cream cheese or Camembert. Coffee or tea with cream but little milk.
  5. Main evening meal as for midday meal and breakfast combined.
  6. Nightcap cheese and cup of hot milk.

Water is not restricted at all and you should drink plenty. Do not take much extra salt as this checks the burning of fat. Pepper may be used for seasoning.

Alcohol: Only "dry" alcoholic drinks may be taken, and these only in moderation. Dry wines and spirits are allowed but no beer; no liqueurs and no sweet cocktails or aperitifs.

Hints on applying the diet.
Starch and sugar (carbohydrates) are the only things which fatten fat people. They do this by preventing you from burning up your stores of fat and by making you make more fat. Fruits and vegetables contain starch and sugar so should be taken only in moderation.

Fat and protein foods do just the opposite of carbohydrates. They help you to burn up your excess fat and they stop you making more.

So eat nothing that comes from the confectioner or the pastry-cook. The sweet shop and the bakery are out of bounds to you while you are slimming.

Be cautious at the greengrocer, choosing only those fruits and vegetables you know are low in carbohydrate, eg. grapefruit, rhubarb, gooseberries, tomato, lettuce, orange, lemon. Avoid potatoes and root vegetables. Avoid the grocer, except for his cheeses, ham, bacon, eggs, peanut butter, butter, margarine and cooking fat. Buy your food at the butcher and the fishmonger as much as you can and cook it fresh. They sell the foods that keep you well and help you to burn up your excess fat. It will cost you more but it is worth it to be able to slim without starvation. When you have got back to your normal weight for your age and height you may eat more carbohydrate again in moderation. But watch the scales and if your weight starts creeping up, go back on the diet.