The Discarding Of Duty
From 'Impact of Decline' part of 'A Study Of Our Decline' by P Atkinson (31/8/2013)

Duty is formulated upon truth, so how a community regards truth is how it must regard duty. The dissembled hatred of a declining community towards truth inevitably results in the dissembled persecution of dutiful citizens, which is demonstrated in no uncertain manner by contemporary and historical examples.

The inevitable result is the appearance of citizens with no sense of duty, which means that those citizens who feel obliged to do their duty are taking grave risks. As demonstrated by:

The Dutiful Citizen
Who RequestedWas
Chores from a grandsonmurdered
Good manners from a childbadly beaten
The music be turned downhacked to death
People wait their turn in a queuebeaten to death

Duty Now Illegal
It is the duty of every citizen to uphold their community, which is its traditions and its racial character — its sanity and its identity — against all other communities. Otherwise the community will no longer exist but be replaced by a mass of insane humanity with no distinct racial character: a universal state; a result which is now compelled by law with the adoption of multiculturalism; thereby making it illegal to be dutiful.