Zero Tolerance Or Zero Common Sense?
by Phyllis Schlafly (April 23, 2003 )

Parents are laughing at the intolerance of the zero tolerance rules that have been instituted in so many public schools. Laughing, that is, unless it is their own sons who are victimised by policies that seem to lack common sense.

It's a serious matter when a good kid is expelled from school, suspended, or sent to a detention facility to take classes with real delinquents. Here are some recent examples of how the zero tolerance hatchet is wielded in public schools.

Zero tolerance is not protecting us from terrorists or criminals. It is making good kids disrespect school authorities.

Almost all zero tolerance rulings punish boys. Boys are also the victims of the current fad to eliminate recess and build new schools without playgrounds.

It's beginning to look as though these fads can't be mere stupidity. By banning games boys like to play and preventing them from running off their excess energy during recess, this nonsense may be part of the feminist agenda to try to make little boys behave like little girls.