Examples Of Poor Spelling And Grammar By Primary And High School Teachers
Listed By The Federal Minister Of Education: Mr Brenan Nelson The Sunday Mail, 25/9/05

• A grade two teacher who spelt nose as noes.

• A student who wrote "would of" being corrected with "would off" instead of "would have".

• A teacher who failed to correct the spelling of lor (law), por (paw) and orght (ought).

• A year seven class given a spelling list with parliament spelt parliment.

• A teacher who changed "marshal arts" in a student's essay to "marshall arts" instead of "martial arts".

• A student not being corrected when beginning an essay reading with "I would like to read a story I writ"

• A mother who counted 19 uncorrected spelling and grammatical errors in her year 8 daughter's essay, including Australien (Australian) and torrists (tourists).

• A teacher who said two younger colleagues asked if coming was spelt comeing and runs spelt runes.

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