Democracy is Insane Rule
by P Atkinson (7/2/2016)

The worship of popularity over truth,
must replace science with superstition.

The nature of democracy demands that popular fallacies become official truth, any politician who opposes this is voted out of office, so that government decisions are based upon fantasy not fact, which is madness.

The insanity bestowed by democracy is not an accident but implicit in its nature, which is a communal understanding lacking both moral restraint,

(for there is no church law allowed to hinder the demands of the people)

and personal responsibility

(for there is nobody to blame, there is no one charged with caring about truth, there are only agents of the peoples' will, who care only about keeping their jobs)

so it cannot recognise  right from wrong   nor  fact from fancy , which is rule by feelings and is insanity.

A Democratic Society Must Collapse
As science is replaced by superstition the society must become increasingly deluded and impoverished. And as tradition is discarded by the resentment of the selfish, so will duty and the social order it supplied. ( Also see Edward Gibbon's, and Plato's opinion).