Why Have A Defence Force?
By Tony Pitt (1999)

Anyone who thinks that our near north neighbours are now so civilised that they would not play baby kebabs with a bayonet is too stupid to survive long on this earth. In November a Muslim Shiite religious leader was explaining that, by their law, they had to kill all infidel men, women and children.

The journo asked, "But! Why kill babies?" The Muslim leader replied, "Ah! Blue eyed babies grow up into white devils." Don't write this man off as an exception and religious nut. He is not an exception. There are hundreds of millions of Muslims who have these beliefs.

He also has sound reasons to believe we are devils, if we look at the world through his eyes, and the eyes of Saddam Hussein. If you opened the newspaper tomorrow and found that Hussein had used chemical, microwave and laser technology to wipe out 250,000 US military personnel and 100,000 civilians you would be shocked. If Hussein then ordered the US to destroy ALL their weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION, under threat of annihilation, would we go to their aid?

With no weapons, would the US feel safe from Russia, Japan, China etc? How would the widows, orphans and grieving parents feel towards Hussein and his merciless attack. If Hussein came back with HIS inspectors and threatened further murder of civilian population if Clinton did not open all factories for "inspection" how would US civilians feel?

World War III?
Saddam Hussein and Muhatir Gadaffi are not cowards and they are not fools. They are leaders and they have obligations to defend their people. Let nobody delude themselves. Anyone who thinks Gadaffi and Hussein have no choice but to endure Clinton's attacks is a fool. There are enough Muslims in USA to have a holocaust of unprecedented proportions.

One fanatic on a motorbike could visit every agricultural show in the USA and infect all prime stock with anthrax that would make the continent uninhabitable as are the islands where anthrax was tested in World War II.

Any activist with half a brain can get 200 litres of grease/oil/petrol mix and explode it at Grand Central Station in peak hour to show the US what it is like on the receiving end of some ordnance. If Hussein and Gadaffi go tit-for-tat the civilians lose — not the politicians.

The UN attack on Iraq could trigger the holy war. The Muslims have as much right to weapons of mass destruction as does the US. Just because we see ourselves as the "good guys" does not endow us with any such status.

Our Mindset
Pretending that we will never be attacked won't save us. Pretending that very senior people in the major parties are not part of an agenda to disarm us might be comforting but their activities should be monitored, as I have done, from when I joined the RAAF in 1959 until now. I give you a thumbnail sketch of just some of the defence facilities that the government got rid of.