Communal Denial Of Change Caused by Technology
From Technology Making It Worse by P Atkinson (2010)

Whenever an individual faces a crisis, if they survive, they will pass through a gamut of feelings, which include denial, a refusal to accept the truth.

History Of Communal Denial
And naturally what is a characteristic of individuals is also a characteristic of groups and no better example of this communal refusal to accept reality is the military prejudice displayed during the Great War (1914-1918). Despite:

the initial military tactics that guided the combatants were those developed for fighting with muskets. Deliberately exposing massed attackers to the guns of the defence was pursued despite the obvious, inevitable and futile slaughter. Troops were massed then sent to their certain death on the off-chance that a different result would occur this time. And this folly was pursued until the allied armies had nearly exhausted their available manpower. Then, and only then, was consideration given to the notion that frontal assaults across open ground by unprotected soldiers against modern weapons was tantamount to suicide, and another way of mounting attacks had to be found.

The Simple Truth That Is Ignored
Technology has now made traditional mass employment obsolete, this is obvious to anyone who is not blinded by prejudice. Nevertheless our community insists on holding the view that no fundamental change has occurred in employment despite the appearance of computerised systems.