Part 1 — Legal, Political, Social, And Economic Perspectives of Mabo
From "The High Court In Mabo — Legalist Or L'Egotiste" by LJM Cooray (1995)

An explanation of the implications of the Australian High court decision to grant Native title to Aboriginals.

Brief Analysis
Edict not Judgement
Native Title
Fools Or Knaves
Where Mabo Leads
What Do Aboriginals Think
History And Mabo
Underlying Policy
The Way Forward
White Settlement
Wrong Turnings In Law Reform
Should Judges Make Law
Who is an Aborigine?
Affected Persons Not Consulted
Basis For Extension
Uncertainty Of Land Title
Plight Of Defendants
Amendment Of State Constitutions
High Court Implications
Property Rights
Political High Court
Judicial Misbehaviour
Judges Change Law
Rebuttal Of The Chief Justice
Referendum Is Appropriate
Discrimination And Mabo
Bible Distorted
White Guilt: History Distorted