'Dr. Price'

Richard Price (1723-l791), a Nonconformist minister, who wrote largely on ethical and economical questions. His chief work was a Review of the Principal Questions in Morals, in which he criticized the position of Francis Hutcheson. He vigorously opposed the war with America in 1776, and was a close friend of Benjamin Franklin. He was now near the end of his life; Burke had a grudge against him for his attachment to Lord Shelburne, Rockingham's rival. His sermon, which Burke goes on to criticize, was "On the Love of our Country," and when published had as an appendix to the Report of the Revolution Society's committee, an account of the people of France, and the National Assembly's Declaration of Right. The letter of the Duke de Rochefoucault was a private one to Dr. Price, that of the Archbishop of Aix (President of the National Assembly) an official communication to Earl Stanhope.

Note by A.J.Grieve (MA), from the Start of Part One of Reflections On The Revolution In France
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