Note 35
Note from The Situation of France in Part One of Reflections On The Revolution In France

Travaux de charité pour subvenir au manque de travail à Paris et dans les provinces3,866,920161,121134
Destruction de vagabondage et de la mendicité 1,671,41769,64276
Primes pour l'importation de grains5,671,907236,32992
Dépenses relatives aux subsistances, déduction fait des récouvrements qui ont eu lieu39,871,7901,661,324 11 8

When I sent this book to the press, I entertained some doubt concerning the nature and extent of the last article in the above accounts, which is only under a general head, without any detail. Since then I have seen M. de Calonne's work. I must think it a great loss to me that I had not that advantage earlier. M. de Calonne thinks this article to be on account of general subsistence; but as he is not able to comprehend how so great a loss as upwards of £1,661,000 sterling could be sustained on the difference between the price and the sale of grain, he seems to attribute this enormous head of charge to secret expenses of the Revolution. I cannot say anything positively on that subject. The reader is capable of judging, by the aggregate of these immense charges, on the state and condition of France; and the System of public economy adopted in that nation. These articles of account produced no inquiry or discussion in the National Assembly.

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