Causes And Pathogenesis Of AIDS In
From 'HIV Does Not Cause Aids' by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, (May 2002)

The medical evidence suggests that AIDS in haemophiliac patients is probably caused by the treatment with immunosuppressive agents (cyclophosphamide and glucocorticoids) which have been used to prevent the development of antibodies to factors VIII and XI in patients with hemophilia (Al-Bayati, 1999). The development of antibodies against factors VIII and IX and the use of corticosteroids by the hemophilia patients were also described by Fauci et al. (1998). They described the health problems in hemophilia patients, such as the formation inhibitors for factors VIII and XI, the joint problems, and the use of immunosuppressive agent in the treatment regimen of these patients. Patients with severe hemophilia have serious chronic joint problems resulting from bleeding inside the joints. This is also treated with glucocorticoids (Al-Bayati, 1999). AIDS has been reported in HIV negative and HIV positive hemophiliac patients. Duseberg, 1992, presented the result of 17 studies showing that a total of 717 hemophiliac patients had T4/T8 ratios less than or equal to one: 329 patients (46%) of them were HIV-negative (Al-Bayati, 1999).